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Presenting LED SEFLIN: Libraries Exploring Design: Conference at a Glance

LED SEFLIN: Libraries Exploring Design


SEFLIN 2020 Regional Online Conference

July 30, 2020    10:00 am - 3:00 pm

Libraries are striving to understand and meet the needs of our communities. Digital and physical library spaces are increasingly complex and challenging.  The SEFLIN 2020 Regional Conference will dive deep into how libraries are experimenting and innovating with new approaches, new tools and new perspectives.  How are we using creative thinking to enhance services, improve outcomes, and measure library services for our students and patrons? LED SEFLIN will kick off with a keynote presentation by Minneapolis-based designer and researcher, Julka Almquist.  The keynote will be presented on Stage 1 "Communication Breakdown" at 10 am.


9:45 Stage 1  Communication Breakdown Welcome and Information About the Day - Rachel Schipper and Rachel Perry
10:00 Stage 1  Communication Breakdown Keynote Address by Julka Almquist
11:00 Stage 1  Communication Breakdown "When the Levee Breaks"  Managing Technology Operations in Academic Libraries During COVID-19 by Dhanushka Samarakoon
11:00 Stage 2  Dazed and Confused "Nobody's Fault but My Own"  How do I get out of my head? by Sarah Hammill
11:00 Stage 3  Good Times Bad Times "What is and What Shall Never Be"  Observational Website UX Testing: It’s Fun! It’s Eye Opening! It’s for you! by Amy An
11:00 Stage 4  Whole Lotta Love "We're Gonna Read"  Let's Read at Mandel Public Library by Kathy Hage
12:00 Stage 1  Communication Breakdown Trivia Contest, Bingo Cards, Eat Your Lunch, Check Your Email
1:00 Stage 1  Communication Breakdown "C'mon Everybody"  Adopting Machine Learning and AI at the FIU Libraries by Jamie Rogers
1:00 Stage 2  Dazed and Confused "Building a Stairway to Heaven" Facility Design Panel of Public Library Directors by Jennifer Pratt with Ray BakerCraig Clark and Douglas Crane
1:00 Stage 3  Good Times Bad Times "Something Else"  Innovating Staff-led Professional Development Using the Learning Circles Model by Athanasia Fitos
1:00 Stage 4  Whole Lotta Love "That's the Way" Miami-Dade Public Library System’s Homework Help and Tutoring Program by Marjorie Lopez
2:00 Stage 1  Communication Breakdown "Hey, Hey What Can I Do"  Employee Engagement: A Humanistic Approach to Personnel Management by Adam Berkowitz
2:00 Stage 2  Dazed and Confused "If It Keeps On Raining" Lightning Rounds 
2:00 Stage 3  Good Times Bad Times "The Song Remains the Same"  Designing the Perfect Ingestion: The Kislak Collection at University of Miami by José Vila
2:00 Stage 4  Whole Lotta Love "Everybody Makes It Through"  Social Services in Public Libraries panel presented by Melanie Zaskey, Christina Farrah, Shana Hinze, Daniel Day, Daniel Saunders, and Jennifer Abeloff