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SEFLIN Strategic Planning 2018 - 2021: SEFLIN Planning Process

Table of Contenta

The Process 

  • Planning Process and Team
  • Planning Timeline
  • Retreat Agenda

2012-2018 SEFLIN Vision, Mission, Plan, and Results 

  • Current Plan
  • Results of Current Plan 

Needs Assessment

  • Environmental  Scan
  • Changes in SEFLIN Membership
  • MLC Comparison
  • Needs Assessment Survey Results
  • Fortune Cookie Exercise
  • Stakeholder Interviews
  • 2018 Resource Sharing Assessment
  • MLC Mission, Vision and Goals



July 25, 2018 - Board Retreat

August 10 - Implementation Plan

August 17, 2018  Request for Board approval

November Membership Council Meeting - Request for approval 

SEFLIN Strategic Plan 2013 - 2018

SEFLIN Strategic Planning 2018-2021

The SEFLIN Executive Committee, at the January 2018 meeting, reviewed the scope and timeline for Strategic Planning during the 2017-2018 year. The Board, at the May 2018 meeting, reviewed the scope and timelines and agreed to the process.


The strategic planning process involved the SEFLIN Board, and the SEFLIN staff, and many members of the member libraries in an incremental planning process. Reports and summaries were brought to the SEFLIN Board and Members. Basic stages of the process included:

  • data gathering
  • community survey
  • environmental scan
  • member meeting table talk discussion
  • Board Retreat that includes:
    • a review and revision of the SEFLIN Mission statement
    • a review and revision of Goals and Priorities
    • development and adoption of SEFLIN Strategic Initiatives for 2018-2021
  • Staff development of implementation plan
  • Review and Board and Member acceptance

Board Retreat Agenda

Retreat Agenda

10:00 Welcome and Outline of the Day

10:15 Director’s Update of 2012 – 2018 and Report on Data Gathering

10:30 Discussion of Future Trends

10:45 Vision and Mission

  • What roles should SEFLIN play in the library community?
  • How can SEFLIN better serve the member libraries?
  • What library needs can be uniquely met by SEFLIN
  • What library needs are not currently being met by SEFLIN

SEFLIN Mission Statement

12:00 Lunch

12:45 Goals and Strategies

SEFLIN Planning Team

Planning Team Members


Anna Maria Arenas, SEFLIN , Staff

Ray Baker, Miami-Dade Public Library System, VICE PRESIDENT

Craig Clark, Boynton Beach City Library, SECRETARY/TREASURER

Nicole Covone, Johnson and Wales University, BOARD MEMBER

Douglas Crane , Palm Beach County Library System, PAST PRESIDENT

Amy Filiatreau , Lynn University, PRESIDENT

Irina Galilova , SEFLIN, Staff

Edenia Hernandez, North Miami Beach Public Library, BOARD MEMBER

Jim Hutchens , Nova Southeastern University, BOARD MEMBER

Melanie McCartney , SEFLIN, Staff

Ann M.Nappa Boca Raton Public Library, BOARD MEMBER

Jennifer S Pratt, SEFLIN, Director

Anne Prestamo , Florida International University, BOARD MEMBER

Rachel A Schipper., The Society of the Four Arts King Library, BOARD MEMBER

Carol Anne Stiglmeier, SEFLIN, Staff

Josh Stone, SEFLIN, Staff

Larry Treadwell , St. Thomas University, BOARD MEMBER

Kelvin Watson , Broward County Library, BOARD MEMBER