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SEFLIN Strategic Planning 2018 - 2021: MLCs

Florida MLC comparing Vision and Mission statements and similar goals


Vision  Provide services that push the edge of innovation, empower libraries and sta   to provide services that transform Floridians’ lives, and build up the library brand.








Vision PLAN is a vital and innovative library network that enables its members to deliver the highest quality services and programs to their communities throughout the Florida Panhandle. It provides a collaborative platform for members to share information, resources, and expertise. PLAN members are engaged, active participants and contributors. PLAN works with other organizations and cooperatives to share resources and to ensure that all Floridians have access to the information and resources they need.



Vision  NEFLIN will provide exceptional services that promote excellence in libraries and the communities they serve.









Vision  SEFLIN will be a world-class dynamic library cooperative, guiding collaborative services of value to Southeast Florida libraries and their communities.









Mission TBLC is a membership driven consortium. It includes all types of libraries and leads and encourages collaboration, resource sharing, sta   development, and innovations to insure that the people of Florida receive excellent, timely library services and have access to emerging technologies and resources.




Mission PLAN, a membership network of libraries and other information organizations, collaborates with many partners to
provide leadership to improve access to information and to enable its members to address the region’s needs for education,
economic development and improved quality of life.





Mission NEFLIN transforms member libraries by providing services that promote excellence in libraries and the communities they serve.        







Mission SEFLIN cultivates cooperation and coordination among libraries of all types, nurtures efficient and effective information resource sharing, advances technological innovation, provides staff development opportunities, and advocates for our libraries and their patrons. 






Goal: Advocacy  Help libraries define their value propositions, develop messages, and communicate.  Monitor trends and political factors for relevant connections to support libraries.   Stand for libraries and the library brand and exemplify a spirit of pride in their accomplishments.  Promote the role played by all types of libraries in the economic development and the entrepreneurial ecosystem



Develop a stronger and more cohesive approach to advocacy - Activity 1: Provide funding for the Florida MLC lobbyist
Activity 2: Promote participation in statewide advocacy efforts in collaboration with other organizations
Activity 3: Develop and strengthen relationships with key Florida legislators
Activity 4: Provide training for member libraries to develop advocacy skills for application locally and statewide


Advocacy and Marketing in Member Libraries  Facilitate the development of new marketing concepts, assessment, and advocacy techniques in member libraries.  Assist members to create effective marketing pieces. Co-sponsor Library Snapshot Day. Develop a regional marketing campaign.




 Advocacy and Marketing 
Lead Southeast Florida library efforts to increase awareness of libraries. 1. Assist SEFLIN member libraries in developing their marketing and grant-writing skills. 2. Enhance communication with member libraries in Southeast Florida  3. Develop information and marketing tools about SEFLIN    






Organizational Effectiveness and Infrastructure

Goal: Organizational Effectiveness Evaluate TBLC programs and services to maintain high quality services that effectively support member needs.  Support TBLC sta   needs for training and development.  Provide a positive work environment where sta   can thrive, grow, and excel.  Maintain effective fi scal responsibility.





 Ensure financial stability and effective stewardship of the organization to provide maximum benefit to members - Activity 1: Establish and maintain a member dues structure that supports the long-term viability of the PLAN
Activity 2: Write and submit grant proposals to fund PLAN operations and projects
Activity 3: Maintain an organizational headquarters with qualified organizational staff



Strengthen the Organization Provide sufficient staf and expertise at NEFLIN to support the projects and services offered. Maintain a reserve fund. Broaden the Board liaison responsibilities beyond the interest groups. Continue to employ a lobbyist to secure state funding for NEFLIN. Assess NEFLIN's strategic plan.





 Stable SEFLIN Infrastructure
Provide effective and efficient services to libraries in Southeast Florida 1. Provide efficient and effective member services and benefits  2. Increase SEFLIN membership 3. 







Continuing Education

Goal:  Continuing Education  O  er a diverse learning program for the enrichment and development of Florida library sta  .  Provide timely and convenient training opportunities via the statewide Florida Library Webinars program.   Equip the TBLC region with comprehensive development programs presented through expert speakers.












Goal 3 – Continue to support a robust library staff training program and provide support for libraries to explore new technologies, innovative programs, and improved processes - Activity 1: Provide a curriculum of training opportunities for library staff in multiple formats
Activity 2: Monitor trends, issues, and developments in librarianship for potential interest by Member libraries
Activity 3. Consult with and solicit feedback from members about library staff training needs
Activity 4: Produce regional conferences for member library staff to network with peers and stay informed about
new technologies, new roles for libraries, and new methods for providing library services
Activity 5: Provide library-specific training and scholarships for member staff to attend specialized training events
Activity 6: Provide funding (when available) to member libraries for exploring innovative technologies, implementing
new services, and changing service models



Strengthen Skills and Knowledge Continually assess the training needs of members.  Provide training in a timely and relevant manner.  Develop a management training certificate program.  Support strategic goals byu providing training opportunities:  Advocacy, marketing, and assessment. Collaborations and networking.  Library innovation and technology/












Goal 3 Professional Development  
Provide a broad range of learning opportunities for library staff at all levels. 1. Plan, implement, and evaluate workshops and webinars for library staff 2. Identify and promote leadership, management and mentoring training opportunities 3. Plan, implement, and evaluate an annual SEFLIN regional conference  4. Support SEFLIN committees and interest groups 5.Manage the Florida Library Jobs service under contract with the Florida State Library and Archives